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Typespace is a font native to augmented reality 

Exploring what the next-gen font in AR could be. Ironically, Typespace had to draw a lot from the first generation of digital fonts, like pixel fonts to be as variable as the more recent generation of fonts. Using primitive 3D cubes reduced the computational burden on the device, made it faster to process in AR, and at the same gave it the flexibility to be scalable and variable in all dimensions. 

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Tech stack: Swift, ARKit, and RealityKit

Creator, developer and designer - Rajshree Saraf

After working on series of AR type posters, Hallucinating Type︎︎︎ I was inspired to make a native AR font that can let me make posters on the fly

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Technology and Interdisciplinary Design, Communication Arts
Hallucinating Type, It’s Nice That
Hallucinating Type, Homegrown
World War Three, Communication Arts
World War Three, Homegrown
The Purple Heart Project, Platform Magazine
The Purple Heart Project, Homegrown
The Purple Heart Project, Scroll.in

Aug-Sep 2022 AR House (Resident)
2020-2022 ITP NYU Tisch (MPS)
2018-2020 Wieden+Kennedy (Art Director)
2014-2018 NIFT (B.Des)

Other AR work:

Art Direction: